Look 221: The Light Delight

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Look 221

The Light Delight

Crochet collar top, PINKaholic. Silk shorts, bought in Cebu. Peeptoe brogues, Asianvogue. Random accessories, Forever 21.

Now about my LOTD, I’ve been wanting to wear this crochet collar top with tiny pearl accents. I find it so feminine and young. The fact that it’s made of light sheer fabric got me sold. 😉

My ballet flats hidden somewhere behind the rock. Oopsie!! :mrgreen:

Very much inspired by the lovely afternoon and its soft light. My sunny day afternoon love affair now resumes.

Hurried myself editing in Lightroom and resizing in Photoshop. Hurray for my saved presets! They seem to save me each and every time I cram for stitching my looks together and making them somewhat presentable. 

Now you might be thinking what I did the whole day, I was kinda MIA. If you remember what I blogged about the past few days, I did a funshoot today with my highschool friends. Yep! The one behind Photo Diaries. We all got bored and decided for a simple get together (which we planned for weeks!) with some photog sesh at hand. Steph joined the craze too. Teehee!! 😉

It was my first time to stroll around Mazaua Resort or Restaurant I’m not sure what it’s really called. After which, we dined and munched thin crusted pizza at Pizzeria de Italia. Cute name huh?

P.S. I love my dark blue smokey make up today with matching false lashes, nude/pink lippy. Steph is really getting better and better when it comes to doing make up. I guess our little trip out of town did help a lot! I wish I were good at it.. It’s a skill I have yet to acquire. Haha!

Gotta goes!

Stay wicked!