Look 222: Coming Over to the Dark Side

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Look 222

Coming Over to the Dark Side

Studded dress with chain details, Dimmy’s. Gray suede booties and accessories, Forever 21.

For today’s look, I opted to post something edgy. How to pull off such? This wool dress with sheer drapes, studded shoulders, and chain links as sash definitely did some trick not to mention my overly abused spike necklace. It’s amazing how you could find kick ass dresses for a bargain. Sadly, this dress isn’t mine. However, this could be yours in no time! Haha! Yeah yeah it’s for sale.. 😕

My new booties are out for a spin! Weeeee!!

I love this look. This is again……..sooooooooooooooo ME!!! Wicked! 😈

Another scene putting on my booties. Urrrggghhh!!! I hate seeing myself on such an act but I enjoy showing it to you. Okay, enough! I’m making a fool out of myself again. Lol! :mrgreen:

 If you’re wondering how I look like in highschool and college, this is pretty much my peg in a boring kind of way though. Long hair, tattered jeans, shirts, black polish and worn out shoes. Which reminds me, what’s your favorite pair of shoes? Mine would have to be my Vans slip ons. :mrgreen:

P.S. I can’t seem to veer away from Lina Tesch’s Lookbook page, Facebook page, and even her blog. Why is this happening to me? 

A sneek peak at yesterday’s photo shoot. Monochrome ftw! Banawe, the girl behind Photo Diaries really takes good photos. Agree??!!! 😉

How’d yer day go? Boyfie and I just had a 2-hour massage. Aftermath, even if I feel sluggish I enjoyed every minute of it. Now I feel like sleeping already! Thanks for the treat babe! Teehee!!!! 😉

Sorry for the late post! Had trouble with the wireless internet connection. Keeps going on and off! 🙄

Stay wicked!