Look 223: Blast from the Past

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Look 223

Blast from the Past

Polka dot long-sleeved dress, Dimmy’s. MiuMiu-inspired chunky satin heels, Asianvogue.  House of Harlow inspired necklace, PINKaholic.

This dress gives me a vintage-y vibe. I can’t pinpoint if it’s because of the polka dots, bows, or the the lace longsleeves. Maybe it’s “all of the above”? Haha! 

I hope the effects did its part in making the photo look like it’s grabbed from an old album.  

This pair of shoes is always my first choice if I wear something vintage-looking or something formal. I actually survived wearing this for an entire day. Yep! Although I did end up getting blisters and a sore pair of feet. 🙄

Amber, the cutest friendliest pitbull ever, strolling around near me like she always does. Everytime we go out for a shoot outside the house, she’ll be the first one to wait at the gate. She’s too excited to meet up with her “boyfriends”………uh oh flirty Amber. Haha!! :mrgreen:

Embarassing myself is a bit of a talent. Now here, what you’re looking at is me having a hard time putting on my shoes. I have to sit down on the rock to fix the slingback hook and hide my flats behind that boulder. Shoes are complicated! Agree?!


First set of the Photo Diaries collab is out! Amazing photos again. I wish Nawe would stay here in Butuan so I could tap her out for some funshoot anytime. Haha!

Will post it as my LOTD tomorrow! Excited much? Lol! :mrgreen:

Will be out early. Settle a few payments (for my new shoes!), and maybe stay home the rest of the day because I’m broke. No Meet Up Mondays today. 

Stay wicked!