Look 224: Tribal Infusion

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Look 224

Tribal Infusion

Navy blue bralet, thrifted. Acid wash denims, Steph’s. Tribal print cardigan and accessories, Forever 21.

First published set from Photo Diaries. With this tribal print poncho-ish slash wrap slash cardigan, it immediately let off a some sort of a tribe vibe and the rest is history.

A reminiscent pose from our last collab. We call it the “awkward pose that somehow works”.

FYI, this is my third outfit change. I was hesistant to wear this bralet, you know how I can’t dare midriff-exposing clothes. Well, I guess this one’s an exception including the dress I wore at PFW too. Haha!

An upclose look at all the busy accessories. Glad Steph made it work, she’s the impromptu MUA and stylist that day. :mrgreen:

So here, it looks like I’m a stranded stranger, waiting for someone to pass by and hopefully give me a ride. The location’s at Malvar Circle, only a few feet away from Butuan City Hall where all the politicians huddle in and do their job. Lol! As much as we wanted to take a step at the cemented part of the road, we chose not to. The blind curve could take away our life any minute, so screw it! We’re not giving up our lives for a lucky shot. Disciplined and well-mannered drivers are non-existent here in our city to tell you frankly. Haha!

Overall, we had heaps of experience garnered that day. One, I felt somewhat embarrassed because all the passersby are simply mean (or feeble-minded perhaps).   Two, my friends learned a few tricks or two photography wise. Three, it was fun!

Stay wicked!