Look 226: The Hitch Hiker

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Look 226

The Hitch Hiker

Paint-splattered tank top and accessories, Forever 21. Distressed denim pants, bought online. Jacket, FashionSpot Shoppe. Harness boots, HeelandSole.

I rarely post a monochrome photographs (and landscape too) on Lookbook and other outfit-sharing sites and I like this one just because.. 😕

This is at Butuan City Hall’s office grounds. It was overall a sunny afternoon; a quiet place coz I bet everyone’s still busy with work. Despite all my speculations, there’s a bunch of men, mostly laborers, who kept shouting nonsense and uhm..yeah nonsense at us! Honestly, I do not get as to why they act like that. I think it’s rude to the point that it makes me think these people are sort of “low life”. Forgive the choice of words. I felt pissed off a bit that time. 👿

Anyhooo, this is the first set on that afternoon’s funshoot with Photo Diaries. It’s what I actually wore that day minus the boots and the jacket. Yep! I opted to wear something that can be included in my set of looks, that way I get to save myself from the hassle part of changing outfits.. Lol! :mrgreen:

Here, I have to pretend as if I’m just strolling, slowly walking, wandering aimlessly. I couldn’t do it. Instead, I looked rather awkward! Pffffftttt!!! 🙄  

My fave pants!! I just love them! They’re abused and overused! 😉 This is my favorite photo in this set too. I find it so artsy. IDK! 🙄

Closer look at the details.

Black is my bestfriend and colors are my phobia.

Photography aside, how’s the weather there? There’s a tug of war going on here between the nimbus clouds and the sunshine. In a damn hurry to reach my workplace before it all gets gloomy today. Sadly, I wasn’t lucky enough to catch a good natural light for some outfit shots. When will the weather change? THAT I do not know. 

Gotta catch up with work.

Stay wicked!