Look 227: Subtle Neon

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Look 227

Subtle Neon

Neon striped tank top, accessories, and gray boots, Forever 21. Denim shorts, Steph’s.

First photo was taken by Steph. It’s just now that I’ve found the folder of the photos she sent me. I hate being clumsy and forgetful! So I wasn’t able to upload the other sets. Will post another one tomorrow. 😆

Second photo however, taken by Banawe. Okay, we’re trying to do that “levitating” awkward pose thingy. Finally got a good shot after a few takes. Whew! 🙄

Say hellow to NEON!!! This top I bought because it’s buy one take one. One can never resist the lure of bargain right? Even if it’s one size bigger than me, I got them anyways.

The Photo Diaries sets are nearing its end. Tomorrow would be the last. Boohoo!! I know I know it’s sad but no worries, we’re still cooking up another collab once she’s back in the city for the holidays. Yay!!!

Movie night tonight with my girlfriend. Lol! Steph and I were supposed to watch the movie In Time when we were in Manila. But then we decided otherwise because for one, it’s expensive and two, it’s time consuming. Haha! 

Gotta goes!

Stay wicked!