Look 229: Blue Gate

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Look 229

Blue Gate

Black tank top, Ms. Animal print pants, PINKaholic. Black suede slingback wedges, Love Jen.


Being overly obssessive with anything that’s animal print makes me end up posting something that’s “rawr” each week. Nothing much, just sharing what I’ve observed. Teehee! :mrgreen:

Anyway, my artsy photo collab has ended and now I’m back to cramming to shoot outfit shots everytime the weather is pretty much amiable and sunny. So here goes my LOTD with the neighbor’s blue gate. Thus, the title. Something tells me I have to find some cool background or perhaps a cool backdrop to shoot looks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any. Having trouble with the rocky road, high heels and bipolar weather combined. 🙄

Trousers, trousers, trousers. Do you own one? I think it’s a must have. However, I don’t know how to dress up in them. Having a hard time finding tops that would match or compliment it in a way that I won’t look eaten whole by the fabric itself. I kid. Need some tips on that area, heylp!! 😕

This top’s handbeaded. Which makes me think, I should handle this with extra care. I just loooove tank tops! 😉

Anyhoo, I’m wearing NYX lipliner which I used as a matte lippy in dolly pink. It makes me look rather pale in photos, I had to brighten it up a bit with some Photoshop retouching.

At the front gate (the very spot where I trip most of the time wearing heels), boyfie said it’s just flat. Opted to try the blue gate instead.


A long day today, literally for I woke myself up before 7AM! Yes, can you believe it? I barely had enough sleep. Slept at 2AM; that awkward feeling you get when you just closed your eyes and all of a sudden the alarm clock starts to beep nonstop! BS! But then, I’m too excited with today’s activity to care about being sleep deprived. Stressing myself out because I’m still planning to stay up late tonight. Whew!! 

I’m starting to love what’s happening with my life. Collabs here, photoshoot there, and work or nightouts in between. Being busy makes me feel progressive even with the simplest of tasks. Haha! :mrgreen:

Stay wicked!