Look 23: Florals and Blooms

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Look 23.

Florals and Blooms.

This dress, I’ve made it specially for me!!!  😈

From the design to the style to the fabric, they’re all my thingy. All the seamstress had to do is to transform them from paper to clothing.

Floral prints boost mood but somehow I wonder why I look so sad in this look.

I personally do not want my face be seen in my looks, so I cover it up with my wavy hair. It served its purpose well.

Love these heels by the way, they fit so well even when they make me 5 inches taller. What do you think?

No behind the scenes, since I only have more or less 5 shots with my latest looks. Utilized these two and bound them together using Photoshop.

This shot was taken using the Canon 17-40 lens. I like the works of the 50mm better.

Still too lazy to post more entries, though the photos are complete, post processed, everything!

So, here you go, look 23, check! Hundred more looks to come… Wish me lotsa luck!  :mrgreen: