Look 232: Sliver in Silver

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Look 232

Sliver in Silver

Sequined top and metallic shorts, PINKaholic. Lace wedges, Janylin.

If you’re wondering what took me so long to post up a look, that’s because I had to shoot this very night for today’s LOTD. And uhm, this is what I’m really wearing today. I was thinking of including this one on today’s post and celebrate the love for metallics. Everything I’m wearing is in silver. To contrast all that is the gold-ish detail on my wedges. But it isn’t that gold so it turned out okay, you can’t see it in the photo though. Lol!

I’m back to indoors now. Another eyeroll please! 🙄

Did you notice the snakeskin print on the shorts? Soooooo cute! :mrgreen: Too cute that I bought two of the shorts in varied colors, the other one’s in brown/bronze. Teehee!

Spent the afternoon backreading Daryl Chang’s blog, StyleSamurai. Super mega backreading to the point that I reached the part where she isn’t blonde yet. Haha! She looks cute in blonde or black.

Can’t stop sneezing today. I’m not feeling well, got colds since yesterday. I’m sort of PMS-ing but not really. I don’t know. I just feel pissed without reason. Is it rational?

Gotta goes!

Stay wicked!