Look 233: Coz It’s Cold Outside

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Look 233

Coz It’s Cold Outside

Oversized knit jumper, PINKaholic. Black heel less, So FAB. 


My scoliosis is sorta prominent – pun intended. I hate. 👿

Coz it’s cold outside — that’s why we have to shoot indoors. Teehee! This oversize knit is so comfy I’d like to wear them on “snuggle days” if you know what I mean. They’re cozy. Uhm, it’s not really cold when we shot this, I was actually drenched in sweat (slightly exaggerated).

Carried away with what I’m wearing, I have to show you guys how comfy it is as evidenced by the photos below. :mrgreen:

And another one!

Look Ma, no heels!!

This is prolly my last shoe purchase of the year. Yep, promised myself not to buy any new kicks til next year, I’mma stick to that! Keepin’ my fingers crossed! Haha! 😉

Anyhooo, I’m wearing a knit sweater today too. What a coincidence. Lol! Told you there’s some knit lusting going on in here. I hope to buy some more when I have time to go visit thrift shops and nearby ukay ukays or maybe at PINKaholic again. Wouldn’t it be fun?! If only I have the leisure of time…..eyeroll please! 🙄

Look what I found in my Tumblr (Yes I have Tumblr!!) dashboard! Cool beans! I don’t know how Photo Diaries did that. Teach me??!! 😕

I’m still sick.

Gotta goes…let’s tweet!

Stay wicked!