Look 234: Sequin Dreams

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Look 234

Sequin Dreams

Poncho knit sweater with sequins and highwaisted distressed denims, PINKaholic. Tasseled booties, SM Parisian.


It’s poncho. It’s wide. It’s knit. Aaaaaaand (drumroll please…..) it has sequins! Yay! 😉

Still not over with knits! Mehn, buzz me when you’re fed up with it coz I don’t think I have plans on stopping anytime soon. Lol! :mrgreen:

Cute rust-y color! Me likey!!! 😆

Becoming too engrossed with sweaters and knits isn’t bad right? Not when you’re as clothing-deficient (I just made that term up!) as me. Yep, I don’t have tons of clothes unlike others out there. One thing I lack the most is variety. My closet prolly comprises of tank tops and college shirts. You know that thing you used to wear to school everyday (wash day I mean)? I’m dressed up in jeans and shirts and flats. Artwork shirts so to speak. I’m sure all of you owns one or two or a pile even.


Went out with boyf today, grabbed some light snack and bought a few toiletries at the grocery. I do not know what is it with people here in our city but I always end up catching a few stares from people, young and old. I feel like asking them WHY???? 🙄  

Look what I bought!!

Preview magazines and Meg back ish. Can’t wait to read the one with Georgina and Borgy on the cover. It’s all about (rawr!) animal prints! Saw this particular ish on Daryl Chang’s blog the other day. So with no plans on buying, I ended up paying for whopping number of three magz! Impulsive buying makes me broke! Boohoo!! 😥

Til tomorrow!

Stay wicked!