Look 235: A Touch of Gold

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Look 235

A Touch of Gold

Metallic knit top and accessories, Forever 21. Black distressed pants. Gold glitter foxy heels, Asianvogue.


Go for knit when it’s cold and knit again when it’s hot out there. Haha! See? I’m laughing in the second photo. Candid…..almost! 😕

This is what I basically wore when I was out (with boyf) for a quick snack yesterday. I told you I’m dressed down and I still don’t get why people at the grocery kept glancing like I’m some overdressed shopper at the mall. Lol!

Quick share, there’s some slight craziness going on in here because 1. I’m posting my LOTD today according to yesterday’s outfit and 2. yesterday’s LOTD (click here to refresh your memory) is what I’m really wearing today! Errr… Did you get it?! I’m having a hard time explaining this whole fiasco in here. Okay nuff said, I’m weird like that. Haha! 🙄 P.S. The sweater’s sooooper cozy and comfy I laveeeet! 


A Touch of Gold — never thought I would have this thing for gold, like ever! Before I use to smirk with all sarcasm with the mere sight of gold accessories because they all seem too “fancy” and let’s face it….not wearable. Trends after trends after trends, they seem to look good with any plain outfit or maybe in an outfit with a solid color. I don’t know. There are no rules in fashion remember?!

Looking for some perfect spot to shoot my looks. This wall is kinda competing with the outfit itself (and me!). Whatcha think?!

I miss doing shoe shots and shoe highs! 😈

Gold shoesies. I hate putting them on coz the glitters fall off. And uhm, totally forgot I also have them in black lace and pewter glitter. Adik! Haha! 🙄


“The water’s too cold,

and my skin’s too thin…

but I just wanna dive in…

and go for a swim!”

Turbo Goth’s song Morning Swim kept playing in my head like nonstop the whole aftee..! I find Sarah Gaugler (TG’s vocalist) pretty especially when she rocks out that wingtip/cateye makeup. Yep! She’s the one on Globe Tattoo ads. Just sharing! 


Good vibes…. I’m out!

Stay wicked!