Look 236: Sophisticated Ignorance

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Look 236

Sophisticated Ignorance

Black bandage dress. Black MiuMiu inspired chunky heels, Asianvogue. Gold necklace, PINKaholic. Earrings, Forever 21.


Booyah! I know you’re quite surprised with the sudden “portrait” format for today’s LOTD. No fuss, really. It’s just that I couldn’t find any other half bodied photo that’s good enough without showing my beer belly. Eeew! 

Now back to the look, I can’t stop staring at my shoesies! Haha! :mrgreen: I managed to survive a day wearing these babies out. Thanks to the ever reliable cushion pads that’s too sticky at the insoles. Another trivia just for the heck of it, this is my only LBD and this one’s for keeps. I sold out some of my dresses though. 😕

Sophisticated Ignorance eh?! It’s just a fancy title that I came up with. When I’m lost for titles I have this trick on going to Google and type the word that I want to use, then it automatically drops down with a few suggestions. Voila! Problem solved. It’s becoming really helpful lately as I’m at a loss for new words and quirky phrases. I guess that’s where the word “ignorance” comes in. Lol!

By the way, what do you guys think of this spot? I kinda like it. This could pass as my “go to spot” whenever the weather’s all gloomy and an outdoor shoot is nowhere near possible. Teehee!

Got a lot of funny outtakes in this particular set. I was really struggling how to pose in a “sophisticated manner”. Haha!! This is my first choice as my Lookbook photo. BUT, decided not to use it coz the shoes and dress — not visible! 

My own take at accessorizing. I must admit, they do give any look an extra oomph. Whatcha think?!


I got no photos to post for tomorrow’s look, and yeah I’m kinda worried. What to do????? Heylp!!! 🙄

It’s Monday again tomorrow! Yay! Looking forward to my very own day off from work. Whew!

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Stay wicked!