Look 237: I Got Zebras on My Dress

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Look 237

I Got Zebras on My Dress

Zebra-printed dress, PINKaholic. Denim/sheer vest, Chikasfashionista. Nude cutout heels, bought in Davao. Geek specs, Ray Ban. Accessories, Forever 21.


Lazy Monday means lazy dress up for you guys!

I ran out of stock photos today. Took this one a while ago in a matter of minutes after fixing myself up. I hate rushing and all that. However, I do have some photos which are to be used for “emergency” purposes but  I don’t want to touch that. As much as possible I want to live up to the challenge without cramming for outfit photos. If only the weather is all nice and sunny everyday, then sure as hell sitch like this one rarely happen. 😕

These kicks are cute, I kind of forgotten about them. Saw them in the other room just now, I feel like taking them out for a spin. 

Anyhooo, can’t believe how swift the numbers go up on my look each day. Soon enough I’d be reaching 250 and with that comes a long sigh of relief (on my part at least). I feel like I’m too close to my end point goal. Posting daily on my blog seems like a normal occurrence/part of my routine at this point. I could reach 300 words or more in a post without even noticing it. I’m a bit chitchatty here eh?! Anyway, I can’t wait to get this thing over with! I had to wait another 6 months or so… 🙄

Random thought, did any one of you notice something weird happening on Lookbook.nu? Strolled around forum blogs and checked on my messages and there’s this friend who talked about his past looks not appearing on the feed on the  ones who fanned him. I agree. It was sort of a Eureka moment wherein I’ve been having the same circumstance lately. Out of 1300 fans and I only get what, 70 hypes? I think it’s blown way out of proportion. E-mailed LB mods about it and said they’d have their programmers check on this one. If any one of you experiences the same problem, might as well drop them a mail too. 😉

It’s Monday! Not going out or do anything that spells fun but I’m planning to do some act of cleanliness. Cleanliness as in cleaning my stuff out. Haha! So yeah, my day would be like a little episode of Clean House. I’d be like Niecy Nash! Lol!

Stay wicked!