Look 238: Golden Peach

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Look 238

Golden Peach

Sheer top with gold details and metallic shorts, PINKaholic. Bandage wedges, Myshop IHeart. Green/gold aviators, Ray Ban. Accessories, Forever 21.


Just a little somethin’ somethin’ that I managed to pull out and wear and then snap! Teehee! :mrgreen:

How’d you like a little dash of gold here and there? As for my LOTD, I’m sticking with the gold accessories since my sheer top has patches of it. It’ll be weird if I mixed something like a gunmetal or strings of silver right? Oh well!

Metallic stuff has been an instant obsession for me lately. I guess I’m done with hoarding anything that’s animal print on that case.

Shoooooes!! This pair is giving me headache because I don’t know how to make it werk! 🙄

Our very own street. It’s recovering from the heavy rain just moments ago. As you can see, it still has puddles of mud/water here and there.

(Please be cemented and smooth and maybe blissfully covered in asphalt perhaps?!) 

Just don’t look at my derriere coz there’s nothing there. Lol!


Headin’ out tonight to do some meetup with a fellow blogger whom I have “virtually” met months and months ago. Mia of TheHandmadeTurban is in town, Steph and I would play the role of hosts while she’s here. I kid. It’s just a simple dine out really, nothing more. We’ve been tweeting about our meet ups everytime we’re in Cagayan de Oro (where Mia resides) but we’re always short with time. So there goes… 


Stay wicked!