Look 239: Silver Lining

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Look 239

Silver Lining

Metallic cropped sweater, Forever 21. Bandage skirt, from Janine. Face wedges, HeelandSole. Cat-eye sunnies, Myshop IHeart.


I don’t know what’s up with that blue streak but I like it though. Hehe! I think it’s due to the lens flare or something. 🙄

Another day, another look as per usual.

My LOTD would’ve looked an inch cuter if it weren’t for that black string dangling on my right shoulders.

I’ve learned my lesson: go get the scissors and cut if off. Lol! Steph told me about cutting everytime there’s that thing hanging around like a lost thread, but I didn’t listen, so I ended up with this! Boohoo! 😳

I know you’ve seen me wearing this same skirt a dozen times. Forgive me for doing so but I like how it makes my legs a mile longer. Haha!

It was a scorching hot afternoon; I did not know what struck me into wearing this knitted longsleeves. I’m weird like that so no biggie. Experimented with a few poses so this is gon’ be a photo-heavy post.

My fave shoes! Teehee! :mrgreen:

Shoots aren’t complete without this flirty Amber showing her butt off. Haha! 😉


How did your day went?! I’m practically feeling sluggish and groggy the entire day. Swear! It’s like I just got up from bed. Caffeinated but not really!


Thanks to my friend @redandnix for keeping me up the whole aftee and tweeting nonstop! Haha! 

Stay wicked!