Look 240: Knit x Leather x Lace

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Look 240

Knit x Leather x Lace

3/4 knit sweater, PINKaholic. Leather shorts, PINKaholic SDY. Lace foxy heels, Asianvogue. Accessories, SM.


For today’s look. I decided to play up with textures. Knit, leather, and lace are distinct in their own respective ways. Combining them altogether in an ensemble might be a daunting task. Who would thought they could work well? When you got basic colors such as what I’m wearing, the next best thing to play with would have to be the textures. 😉



In this look, knit is the key piece — dominating the whole look due to its size. Next is the leather shorts, tucked under a pile of knits. Haha! And lastly, a hint of lace on my kicks! It’s too faint you wouldn’t even notice. 😉

Why so serious?! 👿

It rained again today. BAD! I’m still on a love-hate relationship with the weather. I could rant all day without even knowing it! 🙄

Got some exciting news with fellow shoe addicts! But that would have to wait til tomorrow. I’mma keep myself beezee tonight drafting some posts perhaps and hitch with work or something.

On another note, enjoyed the afternoon doing an unboxing video. Charcoal Monkey’s got a new gadget. I don’t even know what it’s called but it’s too cute, love the lights and all the colorful buttons! Haha!

And the music’s loud, it’s like we’re in the club! This thing’s cool.. Woot woot!!! 😈

Yep that’s boyf’s diamond-encrusted hand! Lol! :mrgreen:

Got my hands on that tech stuff a while ago. Coolie I’m a dj (but not really)! Haha!! I feel like Dee Dee on Dexter’s Laboratory. Remember the famous line when she used to say, “Hey Dexter, what does this button do?!”


 Stay wicked!