Look 241: All That Glitters

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Look 241

All That Glitters

Metallic knit top and accessories, Forever 21. Animal print highwaist shorts, PINKaholic. Purple glitter heels, Pill. 


It’s a lazy Friday.. So I’m putting on a lazy dress up for you guys! Teehee! :mrgreen:

I sooo love this glittery knit top. It’s got a lace-y details on the back. It matches so well with my gunmetal bracelet. Although I think this look is a bit so so, I still dig how comfy and laidback it is. Not much going on right?! Sneaking a little animal print before the week ends.. Hehe!

Gloomy weather?! Pffffffttt… HATE! 🙄

My ultra favorite super duper comfy heels! It’s purple which I love love love! Not to mention uber comfy! 😈

I look sooo maarte here! Haha! :mrgreen: I’m using my NYX lippy in Electra. It’s -oh-so-red! 😛

This would’ve made it as the second photo, too bad the shoes are cut! I hate it when this happens.. Why don’t I fit in to the frame?! 🙄

Where are you guys headin’ out tonight? It’s Friday! Haha!

Me? I’m stuck with work.. I did get a good afternoon sleep (4PM-8:30PM) to make up for the “waking up early” plan today. Gave my dogs a quick bath/grooming sesh and hauled some closet items for sale. Letting go some of my stuff sure isn’t easy.. Tough! Will be putting ShopWicked on the roll soon… Still waiting for boyf to do the works and all that! Haha!

I wanna go grab a few drinks tonight!!! I doubt if it’s possible.. Boohoo!!


Stay wicked!