Look 242: Pretty Reckless

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Look 242

Pretty Reckless

Basic tank top, Forever 21. USA flag shorts and necklace, PINKaholic. Liquid-ish biker jacket, FashionSpot Shoppe. Black suede wedges, Love Jen.


An outfit dressed up haphazardly. I pulled out whatever was there on the other room. My clothes were packed in paperbags and with that matter, I have to mix and match them so I could create a few looks. That’s pretty much how my day goes whenever I go out and shoot a few outfit shots. Cramming — that’s the word! 😕

Wind on my hair effect. (Yes, mahangin sa labas!)

Back to the look, key item here would have to be the shorts. I chose to amp it up with this biker jacket to give the whole look an edgy feel. What do you think? 😉

I hate to smile; it looks fake. Eeew! Tweetums much?! 🙄

I honestly don’t know what I was doing here! Haha! I looked stupid….but I feel like I had to show it to you guys!

Okay, feel free to laugh now! Outtakes for outtake’s sake.

Amber now has a competitor. It’s a stray dog. I didn’t know that thing was there. Aww.. Say hello to them doggie! Haha! :mrgreen:


If you’re wondering about the title, it’s the name of a band from which Taylor Momsen was the vox. Didn’t know she had THAT voice. The music’s good I have to say. Try to listen to the song Make Me Wanna Die. Love her look too! Do you like her? 😉

BTW, watch out for PINKaholic’s Holiday 2011 collection. Can’t wait!


I overslept again. I gotta go!

Stay wicked!