Look 243: Sky Blue and Blue Skies

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Look 243

Sky Blue and Blue Skies

Sky blue basic tank, Bershka. Skinny pants, Penshoppe. Zebra wedges, Myshop IHeart. Motorcycle bag, thrifted.


Quick post. This is what I wore yesterday. 😉

With an uncertain weather, you’re left with few choices to wear. If I chose something so covered up and then the sun shines, then I’d look stupid. If I go all bare, then I’d be inappropriate for the cold weather. Confusing huh? So I merged both. Covered bottom and a little bare up top. But don’t worry. The sun was shining the entire day yesterday so I sort of blended and was, well, “appropriate”. 

This pair of pants and the other distressed ones are the only ones that fit me to date. So they’re badly abused. Taking turns lounging at my laundry bin every now and then. 😕

Bracelet. Bag. Tassels. Shoes.

(and Amber again dominating the background???!)

Okay. Find the not so hidden Amber. This dog really knows where to pose! 😆


We were about to head home last night, but went on to a wrong turn. Boyf and I found ourselves stopping at a local bar for some booze and fries and yes, who could ever forget, beernuts! :mrgreen: Here goes the tally score: 4 bottles, 2 plateful of fries, and a mini-plate of nuts. So I guess you could equate that to me eating more pulutan than the drinking spree itself. Nuff said. 🙄


Staying up late tonight. Catch up with work, and yes I got more work. That means my Christmas would be happier and merrier this time around. Haha! 😈


Stay wicked!