Look 244: Sequined Glitters

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 Look 244

Sequined Glitters

Sequined cropped floral top, Forever 21. Jeggings, thrifted. Pewter glitter  heels, Myshop IHeart.


I may have looked borderline crazy at the second photo (very much Sisa lang ang peg!) but what can I do, I’m having a hard time sorting through a pile of outtakes. Outtakes for real, as in B.A.D! Well, it’s not entirely my fault though, it’s a tug of war between me, stray dogs or a number of tricycle that passes by. That’s it! 🙄

I never realized this top is a bit “see through”. Wearing a lot of stuff like this lately. Hubadera — as what Mother Becky Divine Lee would call it.  😉

See through — that very term brings back some of my childhood memories. Yes, if you’re a 90’s child then most probably you’ve heard your mom or sister saying that term in reference to their sheer tops/blouses. Buuuuut, it’s 2011 and we call it sheer now! Lol! :mrgreen:

Had no plans on showing you this but then…..I saw Amber! She’s too flirty and busy lurking somewhere in the background. Oh well, happens everytime! 🙄

I’m falling out of love with these shoes. Would you be so kind to adopt them?! 😕

Speaking of shoes, I’ve been giddy to see more shoes coming my way this month! I’m waiting for a few pairs from my shoe fairies —Asianvogue, HeelandSole, and LoveYourFeetHeels.

I know what you’re thinking, YEP I’m still on my shoe shopping ban. These are the purchases I made waaaaay before my shoe ban implementation. Sure shot to be on a shoe high when the year ends. Happy 2011 indeed! Teehee! :mrgreen:


Meet Up Mondays with none other than Steph tonight! Good thing the rain stopped. I’m sorting through my choices on what shoesies to wear later. My babies will be out for a spin again. Yay!

Stay wicked!