Look 245: Oversized Neon

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Look 245

Oversized Neon

Neon basic tank, Forever 21. Levi’s denim cutoffs, Closet Inventory. JC Mary Roks-inspired animal print booties, Asianvogue.


I’m baaaaack from my day-long hiatus!

This is the other “free” from my buy one take one find from Forever 21. The other one I wore here. Bought it even if it’s a size bigger than me, thus the oversized effect. I couldn’t care less, it’s neon. Who could ever resist neon and bargains? 😉

Thank you Steph for editing my LOTD for Lookbook. I owe you forever! Haha! :mrgreen:  

Coincidentally, I have always paired these shorts with these shoes!

Aren’t the peeking-pockets effect cute?! Teehee!

Rawr-ing with my oh-so-furry kicks. I barely used this pair out, ay laveeeet! :mrgreen:

Another one of my hubadera moments. Haha!


Meet Up Mondays at its finest last night! Steph and I dined and when we’re about to head down to our favorite bar, it was closed! Friggin’ closed because it’s the employees’ Christmas par-tay! Where to head for some drinks? We ended up at a secluded resto called Pitstop. Booze, nachos, and sisig for the win! Crazy thing we did was — videoke! I can’t believe we just did that. Lol! Now I’m suffering the worst hangover feeling ever. A good afternoon sleep didn’t help either. Pffffttt!!! 🙄


And oh, have you voted for our very own Camille Co for the next Mango It Girl contest? If you haven’t, click here to vote! She’s on the lead, let’s keep it that way okay?! Filipinos reprezent! 😈


Stay wicked!