Look 247: Chillin’ Like a Villain

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Look 247

Chillin’ Like a Villain

Printed romper, bought online. Brown platforms, Love Jen.


Zig-zaggy prints. They remind me so much of Missoni, yes?

I guess I have to provide some sort of visual evidence so I searched for some photos. Take a peek! 😉

Woot woot! Something new. And by new I mean, my romper. Say hello to my first ever romper. Gaaaah! Didn’t know they we’re that troublesome to deal with especially on the part when you’re about to pee. Talk about taking em all off! Lol! :mrgreen:

I’ve been wanting to buy this one from an online shop. But then, it’s reserved for someone else. I patiently waited and got ecstatic when the shopkeeper messaged me again saying it’s once again available. Weeeee!

Brushed my hair this time! Teehee!

Photography wise, we used a softbox on my front/left side. That’s what makes it bright despite the gloomy/dark setting.

Told you I was chillin’!  Haha! Since it’s been raining for days already, can’t help but post some semi-indoor shots. And uhm, I guess the the villain here in this story is the weather not me! Agree?!


This pair would’ve been perfect for everyday wear if these babies aren’t too wobbly! I’ve had my share of “falls” with these. Plural because it happened too many times I lost count. (sad right?) 😥


I’m waiting for PINKaholic to upload their Holiday collection 2011 tonight. Yes, I’m there in the photos! Lol! I beg you not to laugh at my bun, and my sort of angry face. Heeehee! :mrgreen:

Headin’ back to work now. Til next post!

Stay wicked!