Look 248: Green with Envy

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Look 248

Green with Envy

Head to toe, PINKaholic.


How’d you like my bun? Haha! They made it that way because we had no idea what to do with my hair. 

This green boyfriend blazer is sold out already. (insert sad face here)

This is my set 1 outfit. Tons of layering in this case. With a skinny frame, last thing you’d want is me looking like a twig. 

I love this pair of shorts, too bad they don’t fit me that well. On my hips they’re perfect, but on my waist nah-uh..


Bought this white lace cropped bustier btw, I kinda like it.

Steph suggested I should go get it coz they’d be easily paired with highwaisted shorts. So gow!!

Shopping haul!

Those are my latest stuff bought from the previous collection. Sorry for the bad quality, took photos using my phone.

Sooo, I figured maybe I should share my few things about my coz I got nothing to blab about today.


It amazes me how days swiftly pass. Can’t wait for the new year and my birthday to come. Nothing special about it though. And uhm, it’s Friday night again!  :mrgreen:

Gaaah! Boyf and I had some drinks last night and maybe we’re about to go get a drink (and get drunk?) just because we want to. Lol! So where are you guys heading later?


Stay wicked!