Look 249: Dots It!

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Look 249

Dots It!

Polka dot button-down with leather collar and cuffs / Leather fringe shorts, PINKaholic. Heel less shoes, SO Fab!


Look 2 for my series of PINKaholic shoot looks. I’ll be uploading a few on my Lookbook + 365 so don’t be surprised. 😉

I would’ve wanted this polka dot button down for myself but forced myself against the idea because:

1. I know I’m too impulsive to buy them even though I don’t know where to wear them

2. I’ll just stash it in my closet until I figure out a way what to pair it with

and lastly, the white one’s sold out… 👿

Now about the shorts, the leather fringes are genius, no?  Never thought it was possible. Leather is quite a texture, so I bet it’s hard to manipulate.

If you’re looking for other options, there are a few similar items.

The black one is still available (I think!) and the shorts as well.

Hate collars? Try this one! Available in various colors! :mrgreen:

I must say I love this collection….so much that I bought a bunch of somethin’ somethin’! Ssssshhhh!


Anyhoo, got so happy with all the shoes delivered yesterday. Got 3 new effin’ pairs from Asianvogue and HeelandSole! Laveeeeeet! 😆

2 new pairs to go, I wish they arrive soon. Can’t wait, I’m shoe happy this December (so happy, if you get what I mean).

Stay wicked!