Look 250: Mustard Yellow

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Look 250

Mustard Yellow

Cropped bustier, trousers, and accessories from PINKaholic. Blue suede pumps, SM Parisian.


Mustard yellow. This look is so chic, yes?

Woot woot! This has to be my fave look among the shoot. Sooooo, I bought this cropped bustier top in another color. Hihi! And the accessories, I wish I could get one soon when they upload the entire collection. PINKaholic items are easily sold out once a collection is released. I make it a point that I’d be able to buy the ones I love. Haha! 😆

If there’s one thing I learned about this shoot, it’s the fact that trousers don’t look that bad. I’ve always had this fear of wearing ill-fitting clothes but seeing the photos I’m convinced they look okay. Girls should wear them often. Whatcha think? 🙄

My life as it appears on photo. Surprised I got so many “likes” when I posted this on Facebook. There are slight alterations though. Coffee’s on my right, phone on my left. And it’s not a Mac, it’s an HP. Teehee! Nevertheless, it’s still the same. If you’re thinking I’m sad about it, think again. Truth be told, I’m happy. I love my life, my work, my friends, and my partner! 😈


Took a break from work today and had a productive afternoon. Boyf and I chased the afternoon sun but after 2 “looks”, it all went dark. I’m seeing a trend that the sunshine ends once it’s past 2PM. What to do next? Movie marathon! We watched Final Destination 5. Prolly the last people who got to watch the movie, but it’s worth the wait. The quality of the movie downloaded was topnotch.


Heading back to work now. Let’s tweet!

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Good vibes!

Stay wicked!