Look 251: Foil Me Twice

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Look 251

Foil Me Twice

Metallic top and shorts, PINKaholic. Bandage wedges, Love Jen.


My love for metallics has been an ongoing relationship. Experimented a bit by combining the two of them together. Lol!

This oversized sweater is, well, oversized but in a good way. I could see myself wearing this one and abusing it from time to time. This is the only piece I got when PINKaholic released it’s collection. Soooo, when I saw it again IN GOLD on WAGW (What A Girl Wants) multiply site, I immediately signed up an order form in a heartbeat. Haha! 😈

I’ve always had this thing of buying the same style in multiple colors. Pretty much obvious in a few of my clothes. Weird I know!

What do you think of a metallic on metallic outfit? Is it too much or no?! 🙄

We are in the other side of the street this time. I had some problems with the streets being all wet and stuff. I don’t know but I can’t seem to find myself a good spot for shooting outfit shots. There are distractions here and there. It bothers me at some point. 

No matter where we are, there’s Amber. 😉

This is gon’ be a quick post since I’ll be out enjoying my day off from work. No Meet Up Mondays tonight. 😥

Might stay home, do the laundry perhaps, clean up the mess accumulated in the room after all the daily rush or just do anything productive. I slept the day away (12hours to be exact) and now I’m wide awake!


Stay wicked!