Look 253: The Wide Leg Peg

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Look 253

The Wide Leg Peg

Collared top and printed wide leg pants, PINKaholic. Gray pumps, Forever21.


Taking a risky ride on wide-legged prints! Didn’t have any plans on buying one but I decided to give it a try. Lo and behold, I love it!

Lesson learned, there’s no harm in trying. Haha! 

As much as I wanted to try a print on print look, I cannot pull one off. Let’s leave that to Camille Co. Teehee! :mrgreen:

Wish I had a busy accessories going on. Need more bling! Must. Save. Up. 😕

Half formal, half hippie-ish! It’s cuhrazy! 🙄

Cute details on the blouse. It has a cape effect which makes it unique.

Yes, I know. Amber’s on the background again! 😉

This time, we used the 70-200 lens. That explains why the background is a bit blurry than my usual photos.

Emotera! Haha! 😆

Nothing much happened today. I wish I were (I were = grammatically correct) the outgoing, adventurous kind of person so I could share a lot of my daily experiences with you. Sad to know I’m not. Boohoo! Am I boring you out on my daily ramblingness?! Uhm, there is such a word you know. I just checked the dictionary to be sure. Oopsie! :mrgreen:  

Aside from the fact that I was able to shoot a few looks (sun was out thankfully!), I’m up the whole time in front of the monitor typing and clicking as if I’m busy. Lol! :mrgreen:

Thanks for the love, hypes and comments on Lookbook, Enstyle, and Chictopia everyone!


Stay wicked!