Look 254: Got a Big Heart

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Look 254

Got a Big Heart

Sheer top with padded shoulders, PINKaholic. Trousers, Keysa’s Boutique. Peeptoe stilettos, SM Parisian. Gold belt and accessories, Forever21. 


So I got a big heart alright…and broad shoulders too thanks to this top! Haha! :mrgreen:

Into this trouser thingy lately. More so because I got no shorts that are nice enough to pair the top with. My clothes are boooooring! I have no idea how to spice things up. So if any one could lend me a pile of self-help books (and sites perhaps) then that’d be great! Lol! 

This is the good ole back part of boyf’s house. Back then, I prefer this place than the streets simply because there’s no one watching. Moreover, it’s that easy to go back inside the house and change for another set of look. Heeeee! :mrgreen:  When we shot this, a hint of nostalgia settled in. The last time I chose this spot was circa Look 100+. 😕

Unsharp. Pfffttt!!

Dangling earrings — a bit heavy but wearable.

Shoes — One of the pioneer pairs when I started online shoe shopping. They aren’t even brand new, bought them preloved. They were used only once so it’s fine with me. I’m a cheapo. Haha! And one more thing, please don’t be bothered by my chipping electric blue nail polish or the mossy ground. 🙄


Anyway, it has been reported that there’s a bad storm hitting our place tomorrow. Signal number 1 they said. I wonder, how true and accurate are their reports?! It’s no biggie, really. Butuan’s a place where it rains daily. The only issue is would it rain in the morning, mid-afternoon, or late at night?! Lol! :mrgreen:


Stay wicked!