Look 255: The Midi Bug

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Look 255

The Midi Bug

Stripe sheer top, PINKaholic. Pink midi skirt, FashionSpot Shoppe. Cork heels, Love Jen. Envelope bag, SM. Feather earrings, Dimmy’s.


Haleeew wicked people!

I’m like an oldie teacher resurrected from the past. I had this midi skirt with cutesy pleats for a while now. You see, I’ve been mixing and matching my bottoms. Wearing my trousers, skirts, leggings again. Why? I feel like I’ve been wearing the same thing over and over and over again. Shorts, top, shoes, and that’s about it. 

I’ve been very careful with my outfit choices lately. I don’t want to ruin my Lookbook status again. Slacking, sliding down to a spiral pitfall — that’s how I describe my LB status. Ain’t happy about it though. 🙁

Should’ve put some specs on, my hair tied up in a bun, and perhaps a ruler then I could convince everyone I’m a teacher! Haha!

Envelope clutch bag — bought them real cheap. SM has it all!

Shoes — Used to love them before but now I’m not feelin’ them. Why oh why?! 🙄

Oldie or granny? Whatev! Some more photos for outtake’s sake.


How’s the weather goin’? We got a friggin’ storm here at our place. Doesn’t bother me much albeit the “signal number 2” warning. At least I got to wear my ultra thick knitted sweater today, you could remember I’ve worn them in this post here. It feels so snuggly comfy; I literally spent my day sprawling like a cat on the cold bed and cold pillows. 😉

Sorry for the late post. I just woke up! Told you I was sleeping the whole day. Lol!


Stay wicked!