Look 256: On the Edge

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Look 256

On the Edge

Basic tank top, H&M. Mesh leggings, FashionSpot Shoppe. Jacket, accessories, and animal print pumps, Forever 21.


When everything feels too basic, grab those killer heels!

Layers, proportions, and textures. I was playin’ with them a bit just to make it look “put together”, if I may call it. Today’s LOTD would prolly be described as my fave little pieces combined in one. Fave jacket, fave leggings, fave pumps, fave spiky necklace. Fave everything! 😈

See??? Love these kicks! Never mind the vein-y feet! 🙄

Oh hello there my new favorite shoes! I’ve been wanting to show you guys these high-stacked kicks so here goes nothin’. Haha!

These are the perfect size 5 fit! Thank you Steph for buying me one when you were in Ubec! Laveeeeet! :mrgreen:

So why on the edge? I was not in the mood the whole afternoon. Got a persistent backache that could not be relieved even when I stretch or whatev. No idea what causes this, it could be for sitting almost half the day or maybe due to my scoliosis. Bummed the whole day, I was on the brink of going into my not-so-amiable self. 😕

Soooooo, good thing boyf and I went out for a good one-hour+ massage. His treat — yay happy me! You see, boyf knows how to deal with me during my moody/lunatic days. Nobody does that for me except him. Teehee! :mrgreen:

When the sesh was almost done, I had to ask the masseuse to go back to spine area again. Heee! Aaand, one thing that bothered me was that when it was time to massage the face part, I was a tad bit nervous because she kept gliding on the eyebrows. Uh oh! Not the eyebrows lady I have brow wax and powder on, that’s what I kept saying inside my head. Lol!


Stay wicked!