Look 258: No Such Thing

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Look 258

No Such Thing

Top and polka dot pants, PINKaholic. Clogs, bought in Cebu. Accessories, Forever 21.


Each time that I try to wear this pants out, the result would always be a big fail. It could be caused by the fit of the pants or just my fear for ill-fitting clothes. Whichever way, I still disagree on how the look as a whole turned out. Oh well, can’t undo right?! 🙄

Should’ve paired it with sky high heels. The turnout would’ve been different.


Looks aside, I woke up rather late today. I thought it was noon but dang, it’s already 2PM! In a hurried mode, I turned on the laptop and edit edit edit.

I’m just friggin’ excited to go out. Steph and I decided for a little girl bonding time at her place. First in our list of agenda would be to sort of DIY on dying my hair. Yezzzzz!! I’mma be blondina tonight! Hahaha! :mrgreen: I figured I needed a change of hair color. Yes I just realized that after my 21 years of existence and not having my hair treated in any other way. Whew!

P.S. Nothing special about the title. I sort of remembered John Mayer’s song No Such Thing. I turn to song titles whenever my brain runs out of wits! 🙄

Toodles! Have a great start of the week wicked people!


Stay wicked!