Look 259: Texture Play

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 Look 259

Texture Play

Polka dot scallop top and necklace, PINKaholic. Vest, Dimmy’s. Blue suede pumps, SM Parisian.

Texture play — because of the pleated skirt, crochet vest and the suede pumps. It’s kinda busy I don’t even know where to start. Teehee! :mrgreen:

Now here, since I’m wearing a fitted skirt which is not a good option for someone who’s bottom heavy like me I know I had to pair it up with something that would cover it. Meet the vest! Yezzzz I’m super duper trying to amp up my looks with the help of layering. Never mind the scorching heat, gotta wear those vests and jackets!!

Details, details, details…

Let the sun shine back tomorrow puhleeze! 🙄

Emotera mode again!

Formal ang peg!

These pumps are to die for! Got them for only PHP500. I forgot who the seller was, my bad. 


It would be impossible to have a Christmas party with the line of work I’m in that’s why I’m excited with the upcoming one with the PINKaholic VIPs. At least I get to attend one this holiday season, and rest assured it’s gonna be fasyown.. Haha! 

Doing another post soon about my blondina chronicles. Lol!


Stay wicked!