Look 260: Yarn It!

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Look 260

Yarn It!

Yarn top and studded highwaist shorts, PINKaholic. Booties, Asianvogue. Accessories, Forever 21.


I looove this top! Been using it a couple of times on my previous looks already. And my studded shorts are making a comeback as well. This look  is simply fit for the hot summer-like days! 😉

Forgive me for showing off some “skin” on times like these. I couldn’t really wear this look out in the city. 

Supposedly my second photo but it’s not that sharp so I had to choose another one.

I’m on my hubadera mode again and I don’t care!  :mrgreen:

One thing that made this look different is that I’m wearing my new pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita-inspired booties  in taupe suede. Got them from Asianvogue. These are the pricier type of booties. If you have visited their shop, you might notice that in several designs, there’s the cheaper and the pricey versions. I find it worth it anyways because they really look like the authentic ones. I’m not ashamed of them being called as a “knock-off” or something like that. It’s my pair and it’s my choice. Lol!

Went out early with Steph today for some last minute shopping for gifts. I only have to buy for one person while she had to buy for four. Funny thing was that I ended up buying waaaay more for myself rather than my manita. Ooopsie! :mrgreen:

Stay wicked!