Look 261: Hot Pink

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Look 261

Hot Pink

Pink studded tank top, Express. Denim shorts, PINKaholic. Black blazer, Greenhills. Heel-less shoes, So Fab.


Past 260 looks now? Woot woot!

Hot Pink because it’s scorching hot and I’m wearing pink. :mrgreen: I know I know I’m corny…to the point that I was explaining my title and I don’t even know if I got the point across to you all or not.

Half-squinting, half-smiling?! What can I do, the sun was glaring! Pfffffttt! 👿

This is me trying to look casual and comfy in basic clothes. I got inspired by tons of Lookbook users in their everyday outfit wearing blazers and basic clothing. I find it uber chic I know I had to give it a try one day. The day has come…obviously! 🙄

Sporting out my newly-dyed hair. Looks cute under the sun and in the photos.

Pretending I was walking but actually wasn’t. Got afraid I might trip and fall! 😕

Uh oh.. Who’s tail is that on my left? None other than Amber’s. Teehee!

She got really tired keeping up with us going back and forth, changing outfits in between. Poor Amber slumped her lazy bod in the room when the shoot was over. Took her several minutes just to catch up with her breath. Awwww!

Obligatory shoe photo! Heel less shoes are da bomb!


Ayt, ever tried getting hype on various stuff you don’t know which ones to concentrate on?! It could be clothes, next shoes, then make up or whatev! As of the moment, I’m done with shoe-buying. Nope, not buyin’ any now! Told myself to save up, I don’t know if I can pledge on that one long enough.

What I’m eyeing now? Dang! Nail polishezzz! :mrgreen: Nail polish has been my one true love way before I discovered my love for dressing up. During my “girlhood” times (heeeeee!), I find myself throwing tantrums when my mom won’t buy me one of those pink nail polishes on a local beauty store. Lol! :mrgreen:

Check out some of my latest buys!

Lovin’ the 3 rings stacked together and some more connector rings. Yay!! 😀

Nail polish galore!!!

Powder blue in matte, a black crackle, and yes purple matte! I swear I’mma go back to that store for some more, can’t help it!!

Snake skin envelope clutch and a bangle. Another addition to my “growing” Pinkaholic collection! 😀

 So what have you purchased recently?


Stay wicked!