Look 262: Spikes and Spines

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Look 262

Spikes and Spines

Tattered top, Dimmy’s. Acid wash shorts, PINKaholic. Braided belt, Folded and Hung. Accessories, Forever 21. Spine boots, HeelandSole.


Edgy look ftw! Pulled out some items here and there to create what seemed to be a well-thought of look. I don’t know. I really don’t have much to blab about as the photos speak for itself. 

Photoheavy post coming right up! Again, I say to you, proceed at your own risk. Heeee! :mrgreen:

The typical Wicked look — tank top, shorts and shooooes!

I just had to show you all the deets of this top! Finally, I was able to wear my tattered tank top that I thrifted from my friend’s shop. Laveeeeeet! 

Now here’s Amber! She’s not that tired yet during this time. Such a kyooooot dawg! 😉

Key item on this look would have to be my very much aligned spine boots!

That’s my pair right there in all its bony goodness! 😈

See how goofy my face looks the minute I wore them?! :mrgreen:


Oh well, I had a nice time talking about none other than the LOTD! Nevermind the 6 photos (I think) in a single post okay? Told you it was quite photo-heavy. Teehee!

How’s the holiday rush going? I can see all the people going to and fro and the city in a heightened hustle and bustle state! The city is alive with matching moderate traffic going on! I even checked the part where the banks are lined up, just as I expected the ATM lines were a mile long. Panic?! Why? I don’t get it honestly.  🙄 Life goes on with me as if it were normal day though. I’m working! I’m not bummed, my boss just gave me a bonus! Yay!


Will still post tomorrow even if it’s Cuh-ristmas! Oh yes!

Have a wicked holiday!