Look 264: Crochet on a Holiday

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Look 264

Crochet on a Holiday

Long-sleeved crochet top, PINKaholic. Brown leather shorts, WAGW. Gold glitter heels, Asianvogue.


T’is the season to wear comfy snuggly crochet! And by comfy, I mean go with full-sleeves. Heeeee! :mrgreen:

There’s something about this top that emanates a somewhat flirty girly appeal. So to balance with that “feel”, I paired it with brown leather shorts. That way I wouldn’t look oh-so-girly. 

Look isn’t complete without anything metallic right?! So I say, cheers to the golden heels! 😀

I didn’t go all the way in my usual hubadera fashion. So yeah, I wore some undershirt.

BTW, would you believe that my accessories in this look are all under PHP50 each?  What I like about it is that:

1. some items are on discount (just like my leafy necklace here)

2. the rings are mostly adjustable. Yay!

Swear I’mma go back to that store again with Steph. Haha!

I look like a toddler, no?! 🙄

That’s why I pose sideways! Lol!

There’s a question that I get asked quite often and that’s……how tall I am! 

They said I looked tall in the photos. Therefore I tell thee, I’m only 5 feet tall with a size 5 feet and a number 5 ring size.

Now that’s a lotta 5s! 😈

I shouldn’t be sharing this with you but I find it funny! Since I got no “shoe photo”, why not the “caught in the act of wearing em” photo. 😆

Yes, I could laugh at myself for being silly and all. Now that’s something not everyone could do.


Thanks for the overwhelming greetings on Twitter everyone! I sure had fun tweeting with all of you. Just to name a few: Debbie, Ren, Rovie, Jassie, Ands, Ella, Kat, Channie, Lovely, the hippie chic Danika Rio, and the great Paul Highness. I know I’ve forgotten some, you all know who you are…thanks for tweeting!


I’m giving my “Stay Wicked” farewell a short break….

Have a Wicked Holiday!