Look 265: Last Monday

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Look 265 

Last Monday

Dress, PINKaholic. Leather jacket, Clothes for the Goddess. Leopard print wedges, Asianvogue.


I see your raised eyebrows wondering why Last Monday’s the title. Plain and simple — it’s the Last Monday of the year! Can’t wait for 2012. Heeeee!


For some reasons, I don’t think the dress and the shoes matched well, no?! Hmmm… I just wanted to wear them out just because they’re new.

This piece of boulder if may call it, serves me quite well.

The 50mm blur is no match for yesterday’s 70-200 super blur! 😕

Having my past looks getting hyped for over 200 makes me think that maybe I should stick with the 70-200 lens! 🙄 I don’t know but maybe there’s some congruence existing between how you portray your looks photography wise. Maybe I’m not alone when I say some who’s looks aren’t even that visible get more hypes than others. It’s just a mere theory, nothing more.


Heading out early today. I’ll be attending a Christmas party and up to now I still haven’t figured out what to wear yet. I had to ask Steph to cook up something for me. Well, not literally cooking though.


Enjoy the long vacay everyone and enjoy your last Monday of the year!