Look 266: Blame It On The Weather

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Look 266

Blame It On The Weather

Star-printed sheer top, PINKaholic. Pink pleated skirt, FashionSpot Shoppe. Chunky heels, Asianvogue. Specs, Ray Ban.


The pink pleated midi skirt is making a comeback! Yep!

A rainy day calls for Wicked to rummage through old photos to use for the LOTD! So this is me………months ago! 😕

Rain –> shine –> rain –> shine 

That’s the weather cycle here. Having that kind of weather makes me damn more confused what to wear. At noontime, while preparing to go to work, the sun’s out. So I opted to wear the usual tank top/shorts combo. By 2PM, I wasn’t even surprised when another downfall of rain made its way. The result: me bummed the whole day. 

Have you ever experienced such dilemma? When you don’t know what to wear just because the weather’s too unpredictable? It happens all the time here in our city. The aftermath would be — cancelled outfit shoot, me not being in the mood, muddy roads, and all the other undesirable occurrences! Hate! 😡

Say hello to the wicked neighborhood!

Look who’s heeeeeere! It’s the pitbull dog herself (and her butt showing off?!), Amber. Her stray dog boyfriend is also making a special appearance. Help me welcome them… Choz! 😆

See the look on my face?? Yes, it’s hard to get a good shot when she’s with us. It’s her some sort of evil plan to always be somewhere in the background or foreground in this case.


I had blisters when I wore them half a day when we were in Manila. Urrrgghh! 🙄


I was out with the PINKaholic VIP girls last night. Ended up having a good time talking about stuff and kaartehan. At 2:30AM when I was dropped off at my place, I was aghast to find out that the gate was friggin’ closed! Soooo, I stayed at Steph’s. Slumber party all the way! Didn’t doze off until it was about 5AM. Now I’m all sleepy despite having gulped 2 cups of strong coffee today! 


Will post more about the party tomorrow (not sure!)

Stay wicked!