Look 267: Gold Spangles

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Look 267

Gold Spangles

Spangled top and hot pink shorts, PINKaholic. Blazer, Greenhills. Leopard print pumps, Forever 21. Accessories, SM.


Woot woot! This is what I’m really really wearing today. Heee! 😉

It’s Steph’s birthday. Happy Birthday Miss Fashion Bandwagon! Yay! Haha! 

This top has gold spangles on it! Kyoooot! This is part of PINKaholic’s holiday collection. I reserved these stuff during the shoot. I’m that desperate for the following items so forgive me. Lol! :mrgreen:

I HATE the blue vehicle! Urrrgghh!! 😡

I’m so VEIN-y not vain. Lol! 

We shot this around 3PM today. The sun was glaring! Yes, with emphasis on the word GLARING! I don’t know if I’ll squint or keep my eyes open because boyf will take a shot any moment. 

Right after I changed from slippers to heels! I’m sort of walking my way  to the designated spot. The blue vehicle wasn’t in the vicinity yet.

Moved to the other side of the road again! You don’t know how much struggle I’ve been to in this part of the street. I mean, just look at that effin’ road! My legs are seriously shaking. I was “begging” boyf not to have me move here and there. Frightening! It’s sooooo NOT cool!

A closer look. See? I told you it’s not safe, most especially for stilettos! A pair of wedges would’ve been okay.

Despite all that, these shoes are uh-mazing!! This has got to be my all time super duper favorite! 😈


Posting a tad bit early. I’ll be out tonight!

Stay wicked!