Look 268: Inverted Cross

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Look 268

Inverted Cross

Shirt, H&M DIY-ed by Steph. Daisy duke shorts, thrifted. Tights, SM. Harness boots, HeelandSole.


Giving my looks a break from all things chic or girly and chose this rad ensemble for the LOTD. 😉

Another look that I could attest as very ME. Wicked! 😈

Not so long ago, in the middle of our tweeting sesh, Steph showed me something she DIYed thru twitpic. Upon seeing her masterpiece, I know I MUST own one. I begged (yes, beg ang peg!) her to make one for me. Next thing I know, I’m scouring my pile of shirts looking for oversized plain tees. Now I got two, an inverted cross in black and another one in white.

Indeed, it feels nice to have a friend with oozing creative juice that I wish I possess. There’s nothing crafty nor artsy blood running through my veins. Crappy fact but true! *sigh* 🙄

I read a comment from Lookbook and it said: Why does your hair always look so perfect?

WRONG! It’s always messy. Half of my outtakes consist of me fixing my mane up! 😡

Didn’t bother to crop it. 


Saving myself from the hassle of fixing/resizing photos. Few photos tonight! I’ll save photo heavy blogging for my hyper days. 

Feelin’ sickly due to an all night party with Steph and her friends. Went home at almost 4AM. Now I’m dragging my ass of to work just to keep up with my absent days. Whew!

2012 come so soon! Can’t wait for boyf and I’s Cebu trip — Sinulog festival! :mrgreen:


Tomorrow’s another holiday. Enjoy your night tonight. You guys don’t have work tomorrow (except for me)!

Stay wicked!