Look 269: Galaxy Conspiracy

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Look 269

Galaxy Conspiracy

Galaxy top and crochet shorts, PINKaholic. Wooden clogs, LoveYourFeetHeels. Random accessories.


Prints? Check! Texture? Check! 

A busy print up top requires a subtle subdued not too “papansin” pair of shorts.

Galaxy prints nowadays are selling like hotcakes. Glad that I was able to grab my hands on at least one of the items before it was all gone. And I mean ALL! I have had pinch myself for not getting one of those assymetrical sheer galaxy skirt. Now I’ll live in regret forever. 😥

Wait…maybe not forever! I got a tip that there’s another roundup of galaxy prints coming our way next year. I bet it’s not the end of the world yet. There’s more galaxy stuff to look forward to. Lol! 😀

Wearing some of the stuff I got myself for Christmas. I am my own Santa. Coz I’m a loser like that! 😕

Newly discovered pose. It’s called the “tilt your head backwards” pose.

It was the big bad wolf’s (I mean boyf’s) idea. So I kinda got dragged into it. :mrgreen:

Lovely shoes from Love Your Feet Heels. Heeee!

I’ve been looking for brown clogs for months now. The typical chunky-heeled ones are either all gone or no stock for my size. I hesitantly ordered for this pair even if they’re wedges AND half a size bigger than my feet. Urrrggghhh!! US-based products are sooooo not size-5 friendly! I still love these babies though… Oh well! 🙄

Thanks to the gorgeous seller for being uber-friendly, she assisted me on finding pairs that have size 5 available. Soooooo, I’ll be expecting 2 new pairs this 2012! Oopsie! 😆


Stay wicked!