Look 270: Adios 2011!

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Look 270 

Adios 2011!

Cropped crochet bustier, bangle, and highwaist denim shorts, PINKaholic. Long cardigan, thrifted. Gray suede booties, Forever 21. Feather earrings, Dimmy’s. 


Happy New Year wicked people!


Ending 2011 not with a bang but with a bustier! Lol! Never really had plans on buying it but since Steph persuaded me that it would be perfect for highwaist denims, I gave it a go. Whatcha think?

Highwaist shorts have become another item apt for collecting. Although I think it’s not as versatile as other forms of bottoms, it is an easy go to for lazy dress up days and laidback pegs. 😉

Unusual pairing but I hope it worked! 😕

Gray booties — The comfy fit cannot be argued. Forever 21 has the right fit for size 5, no corks needed! 😉  


Last post for 2011! I know everyone’s been busy with preparation and last minute buys. So I’ll make this quick! 2011 was a busy year for me (sort of). It includes the birth of my blog, start of my 365 looks challenge, travelling to places I’ve never been before with friends and boyf as well, start of my pledge on collecting shoes, and so much more!

2011 has been good to me so I could only hope for 2012 to be better. If not better, make it THE best! 😈

Today is the last day of the year but it’s a little sad for reasons that I can’t even explain why. I’ve been trying to cheer myself up this past few days but I really feel like something’s wrong. PMS-ing? Paranoia? Depressive mode? Not a slightest idea why! Hmmm.. I’m weird! 🙄

Thoughts to ponder, how has your 2011 been? Is it great, good, bad, or sad?


Have a Happy Wicked New Year ahead!