Look 271: Wicked New Year!

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Look 271

Wicked New Year!

Old rose sweater, Forever 21. Leather shorts, PINKaholic SDY. Shoes, Asianvogue. Random accessories.


Happy New Year!

First post for the year 2012! Woohoo! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

For the first look of 2012, my peg was “fall/autumn”. Now I know we don’t have that season here since we are located in a tropical country but I just want to catch a bit of the “fall vibe”. I’ve always been envious with fellow Lookbookers wearing thick sweaters, tights, knits, trench coats, and the likes. So there goes, nuff said! ๐Ÿ™„

Even if it was mid-afternoon and the sun was scorching hot, I still managed to wear all these. Never mind the sweaty face — somebody lend me some oil control film!

Accessories galore!

The undying walking effect pose — my fave just because I don’t have to stare straight at the lens. ๐Ÿ˜•


Been lazy to blog about shoes. I just hope things change this year. Lol! :mrgreen:


How was everyone’s NYE as in New Year’s Eve? I hope your ten fingers are still functional and complete. Lol! If you’re asking how my NYE was spent, well I’d say it’s a food-ful night. Dinner with boyf’s family, then waited for midnight at my place. And oh,ร‚ย I ironed the night away. All my newly washed clothes were piling up, and since I had all the spare time waiting for midnight to strike, I found a way to do something productive. Ironed my clothes til 11:30PM. Can you imagine? I felt so industrious at that time. Heeeee! Now I have a newly “restocked” closet; wouldn’t have to worry about what to wear now. :mrgreen:

Anyway, I’m sleeping early tonight. There’s a planned roadtrip for tomorrow. Where to? Davao!! Teehee!ร‚ย And uhm, yeah will be spending the whole night tonight with Steph talking about what to wear and stuff like that.ร‚ย 



Stay wicked this year everyone!