Look 272: Never Hide

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Look 272

Never Hide

White cutout shirt, DIY by SDY. Sequined shorts and envelope clutch, PINKaholic. Shoes, Asianvogue. Accessories, Forever 21. 


Never hide — coz I wanna hide! Lol! :mrgreen:

Casual and laidback outfit perfect for a normal everyday look. 

This is another one of Steph’s little DIY experiment. This time the cross is right side up. Haha! I like the black one with inverted cross better though. Why? Because  boyf said I look like a real Christian wearing this white cross shirt when I’m certainly not. Oh well! 🙄

Smirk. 😕

Last set of photos on my stock.. Boohoo! It was an uber hot aftee when we shot this.

Need to shoot a few soon. Let the sun shine whole year round this 2012! 😈

Details —  snakeskin print clutch bag, glittery shorts, leather-suede wedges.

Shoes.. They’re dead ringers for JC Saturn. They look good when the photo’s taken sideways, but upfront? Nah!


Feeling groggy on the first Monday of the year! We went on another massage trip last night so my body’s kinda bruised up, as if someone beat me til I fell asleep. I’m still suffering from this intermittent back aches. Ugh! Hate! 👿


Stay wicked!