Look 273: Tassel Fringe

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Look 273

Tassel Fringe

Fringe top, PINKaholic. Liquid leggings, thrifted. Peeptoe heels, SM Parisian. Bracelet, Forever 21.


Ready to swing with my fringe-full top! :mrgreen:

Forgive me for the lack of spice on today’s LOTD. I was in real hurry, in dire need of an outfit photo before the sun goes down without further notice. Lol!

So today, I wore this swingy fringe top that I got from the Knitting Pretty collection. It’s been hanging in my closet for ages. I usually tend to forget those that are put on clothes hanger. It’s the folded pile that catches my eye everytime. Enough of that! 🙄

Paired it with my trusty liquid leggings. This is my bff when it comes to long tops. And remember, never ever pair it with a short blouse. Please! I occasionally see ladies wear them as if they were pants. The crotch area is not an easy sight for the eyes either. 😆  

Sun is obviously down now. Hate!

Had my hair retouched. DIY moments last night with the FashionBandwagon. The roots has some black hair growing already. 😡

I’ve become a hair color freak (as what Steph coined) now. So much has changed since I had it done. Whew!

Guess who’s baaaaack? The sweetest girl ever. Amber.

Okay, don’t laugh! 😕

This is Wicked….putting her heels on. Friggin’ hard to put on those kicks when you have nothing to lean or hold on to.

Shoe shot! 

Peeptoe + black + faux croc + stiletto = LOVE!


Not much happened today. I practically spent the afternoon in the cyberspace hounding for some good stuff and catch up with the latest gossip. Heeee! I got hooked on FashionPulis and Camille’s blog. That’s where I’m at most of the time. See ya there!

That’s all for now. A heavy dinner and a few slices of Mango float is enough to make me drowsy and tempted to put my lazy ass to bed for a nap! 😆


Stay wicked!