Look 274: Blue + Print

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Look 274

Blue + Print

Sequined top, Express. Sheer animal print blazer and blue highwaist shorts, PINKaholic. Gold skinny belt, Forever 21. Suede wedges, Love Jen.


Excuse the “lioness” hair on the first photo. I knoooow, I need to get my hair trimmed….but that can wait! :mrgreen:

Mixing prints and a dash of bold color in an outfit makes a fun look. Any item removed from the total would obviously change the whole point in this look. Not trying to do anything “panache” here, just enjoying the moment when I’m in good terms with colors. You know very well I’m afraid of them right?

I forgot about these shorts.

I like them too much that I bought them in yellow and black as well. Skipped the green pair. 😕

The street is deserted with cars parked everywhere. However, there are lots of onlookers a few meters from where we’re situated. I mean seriously, I’ve grown a thick skin after hundreds of instances dealing with them. 🙄

Awww… Amber made her way towards me just as I was about to put on my shoes. Then, all of a sudden, she jumped….putting all her weight on me. Lol! She’s cute! 😉

The aftermath. I got streaks of her “paw” on my shorts. Uh oh! 🙄

Aaaaand, meet Rufus the Great! Goofing around before he heads back to Cebu again.

My then childhood playmate. Now, my boyf’s brother. Lol! 😆


Anyhoooo, I’m not myself today. My body clock’s out of sync. Sleepy all day, can’t sleep at night. WHY??? I hate it when this happens. 😡 I’ve been counting sheeps last night til time came for me to zzzZZZZzzz. I don’t know what time it was, last I checked it was about 1:30AM. Hopefully, it’ll be another story tonight.

I hate being sleep-deprived. It messes up my mood. Mr. Sandman, come visit me tonight! -__-


Stay wicked!