Look 275: Subdued Metallics

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Look 275

Subdued Metallics

Silver blouse with sheer back and bangle, PINKaholic. Metallic shorts, Forever 21. Face wedges, HeelandSole.


 Wearing gold and silver together may not be that bad. Not when they look so upfront flashy to say the least! :mrgreen:

My hunger for sequins, metallics and knits were prolly pacified by two shops that I ever so love: PINKaholic and Forever 21. Other latest buys would have to be the metallic sweater and brown faux leather shorts I managed to shop (rather impulsively) at WAGW online. Enough about that!

Keeping my post short and quick tonight! 😉

Individual whole body shots are a must.

For Chictopia and Enstyle purposes.

This twisty bangle goes pretty much with any outfit I put on! Yay! 😉

Quite a sneaky peek at the all black sheer back.


Face wedges — I could still remember, this pair was my 3rd online purchase around summer last year. 

Online shoe shopping went way out of control ever since. Haha! 😆


Leaving early at 9:30PM. It’s boyf’s first gig and he’s mixing progressive/deep house later tonight at Boy’s Beer and Wine Room. Steph will be there too, need to catch up with her for some whatnots and stuff. And by stuff I mean our online purchases. Lol!

Other than what’s mentioned above, I’m also looking forward to get some alcohol and siomai into my system. Hopefully, they’d serve their purpose by letting me sleep as soon as I hit the sacks. Mildly, I’m not in the mood. Preoccupied of something that isn’t even worth bothering. Err, whatever! 🙄


Stay wicked!