Look 276: Heat Wave

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Look 276

Heat Wave

White basic top, Folded and Hung. Denim cutoffs, Levi’s. Printed sheer blazer and necklace, PINKaholic. Boots, Forever 21. 


This is what I’m wearing today with a bit of minor changes. I replaced my pink tank top with the white one. 

Since I’m not bold enough to try print on print, I went for one key item at a time. Heeee! :mrgreen:

So why Heat Wave? I was surprised with how the weather changed from super rainy to scorching hawt!!! I think it’s a good thing, because I’m in such hurry to shoot a few outfit shots before I leave Butuan next week. 

Wearing the new lippy Steph and I ordered from Digital Traincase. It’s a NYX matte lipstick in a sweet pink shade. Love it!! Matte lippies are uh-mazing! 😀

Our (not so) little girl, Amber. She’s in the mood today to tag along.

Here’s how the cardi/blazer looks like. I like the fact that it’s sheer. Perfect cover up for sunny days. My mom and boyf coincidentally told me why I’m so fond of wearing cover up/cardigan/blazer. Layering is my peg — a lame reason. Thing is, I can’t wear tank tops without something to cover it. I feel sooo bare without a cardi or shrug. I don’t know. Weirdo! 🙄


Posting a bit late than my usual 9PM “cutoff”. Went out late afternoon (after LOTD shoot) to grab some dinner with my “classmates from high school til college” friends.

How’s everyone’s going to spend the first Friday night of 2012?! Any plans?


Stay wicked!