Look 277: Big Bow x Checks

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Look 277

Big Bow x Checks

Pink top with bow / checkered skirt, PINKaholic. Drop earrings and bangles, Forever 21. Suede heel less, SO Fab.


Posting consecutive edgy-ish looks made me long for the young girly appeal. Thus, the skirt makes another comeback. I wore this in one of my past looks already. Some of you may not remember it for I rarely incorporate skirts in my usual looks. 😕

The skirt’s length is okay. I thought they’re too short but as I scan the photos for post processing, the length works.

Bows, prints, and lace on my heels made everything feminine.

My face looks funny, yes? It’s hawt! I wish the weather’s like this today.

Rainy season seems endless. I effin’ HATE it! 😡

Got busy fixing my hair and minding my shoes. Outtakes are called outtakes for a reason. Nuff said! 🙄


The days roll and fast! On the 7th day of 2012 already!

I feel like slacking with my blogging skills at times because I persistently run out of things to share. Quite simply, there’s nothing much happening when it comes to my daily activities. Soon, when I hit the shores of Cebu, made a promise to myself to take as much photos as I possibly can just to change how I share things with you. Can’t wait! 😆

I guess that’s it…

Good vibes!

Stay wicked!